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Kirrin DragonBall

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Kuririn (クリリン), Kulilin, or Krillin in the English anime is a fictional character in the manga Dragon Ball/Dragon Ball Z, and the anime Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball GT. In the early Harmony Gold English Dragon Ball dub from the 1980's, he is known as Bongo. His seiyū is Mayumi Tanaka. In the English dub he is voiced by Sonny Strait and Terry Klassen (as an adult) and by Lori Steele (as a kid).

A short, hairless warrior monk, loyal Kuririn provides comic relief during tense moments. Like Chaozu, Kuririn doesn't have a nose. He is a good-natured, outgoing and competitive martial artist. Once a fierce rival of Son Goku, he quickly became his best friend while training under Muten-Rôshi. He also is close to Goku's son, Gohan. He eventually marries Android 18 and settles down, having a daughter named Marron.

* 1 Name Pun
* 2 Character Information
* 3 History
* 4 Dragon Ball GT
* 5 Special abilities
* 6 Videogames

[edit] Name Pun
Young Kuririn
Young Kuririn

Like most Dragon Ball characters, Kuririn's name is a pun. In his case, it is made up of two parts. The first two syllables come from 栗 kuri, which means "chestnut" in reference to his shaved head (the "chestnut" pun is also carried over to his daughter, Marron). The second part of his name comes from 少林 Shōrin ("Shaolin" in Chinese), as his early character designs were closely modeled on Shaolin monks.

[edit] Character Information

Originally a Shaolin monk who came to Muten-Rôshi for training, Kuririn is the best friend of Son Goku and student of Muten-Rôshi in his first appearance in the anime and manga. He is often used as comic relief or cannon fodder by the author, and has been killed four times in the series.
Krillin during the Freeza Saga, wearing a typical Freeza´s Army armor.
Krillin during the Freeza Saga, wearing a typical Freeza´s Army armor.

Despite this reputation as being a weakling compared to his Saiyan comrades, he is considered to be the strongest, non-mystical, pure-blooded human in the Dragon Ball series, being thousands of times stronger than the average person. Furthermore, Kuririn's ingenuity and talent for Ki-manipulation is far superior than that of most warriors, even those stronger than himself. Kuririn had his dormant Ki awakened by the Namek Elder during the events of Freeza, but this has been his only "enhancement". Kuririn has trained hard most of his life, becoming extremely powerful and proving it in combat with many foes. Unfortunately, he is quickly outclassed by many of the other characters in the series, such as Piccolo and the Saiyans; though among all the full-blooded humans he faces in combat he is one of the strongest. On one occasion, Yamcha says, during the course of the World Tournament in the Buu Saga, that Kuririn is "the strongest human being in the world". Some fans feel that Akira Toriyama uses Yamcha to state a canonical fact on this scene.

Still, Kuririn is brave and resourceful, and the audience identifies with him as a good-natured underdog. He has also, arguably, adjusted to a relatively normal life better than most of his friends.

A running joke in the anime is Kuririn's poor luck with women despite his enthusiasm. Consistent with the theme of redemption in the series, he spared Android 18's life when presented with the chance to activate her self-destruct sequence because he found her to be redeemable. In a bit of ironic fortune, he later married the beautiful cyborg and later had a relatively normal daughter named Marron.

Overall Kuririn is a highly valued character in the Dragon Ball series: powerful, loyal, and brave.

Despite popular fan belief, Kuririn is not naturally bald. Due to his original monastic training, he merely shaves his head. During his training with Goku under Muten-Rôshi, Kuririn comments that 'All serious martial artists shave their head' and seemed surprised to find out Muten-Rôshi was naturally bald. After settling down with his new family, his hair grows out, although his original smoothcrowned look is the most familiar to fans. The six dots on his forehead are probably scars from incense burns, based on the similar pattern that appears on the forehead of a Shaolin monk.

[edit] History
Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

He trains under master Roshi alongside Goku in preparation for the 21st Tenka'ichi Budôkai (World Martial Arts Tournament). In it he fares very well, easily advancing as one of the eight warriors going on into the main event. He is defeated in the semi-finals, losing to Jackie Chun.

After the tournament, he trains under Muten Rôshi again, this time alongside Yamcha. He enters the 22nd Tenka'ichi Budôkai and again makes it to the semi-finals, this time defeated by Goku. After the Budôkai, he is killed by Tambourine, a servant of Piccolo Daimaō, who was out to kill all of the greatest martial artists so that Piccolo would go unchallenged. He is later revived by the Dragon Balls.
Kuririn's signature move
Kuririn's signature move

He plays a key role early in Dragon Ball Z, as he is one of the few fighters to survive the battle with Nappa. He accompanies Gohan and Bulma to Planet Namek where he gets his hidden powers unlocked and fights alongside Gohan against Freeza's forces. He often underestimates himself and his powers, however, so often it seems as though he could have done a lot more that what he had done, when instead he does nothing, doubting himself. At the same time, however, he accomplishes what may well be his impressive feat during the Freeza saga, managing to singlehandedly hold off through cunning and clever techniques Freeza in his second state while buying time for the others. Considering that Freeza was widely believed to be the strongest being in the universe at that time, it was quite an accomplishment.

In terms of deaths, Kuririn has been struck in the head by Tambourine, blown up by Freeza, eaten by Majin Buu, and in Dragon Ball GT again murdered by Android 17. He is restored to life each time, twice by Porunga and twice by Shenlong. The second resurrection by Shenlong at the end of GT breaks the rule of continuity established in DBZ that Shenlong cannot revive anyone twice. However, that can be excused by theorizing that the immense power of Goku, who (at least temporarily) gave his life for the wish to revive all the good people killed since the start of the Super Android 17 Saga, perhaps was enough for Shenlong to bend the rules for this ultimate wish. After the final revival, he survives the rest of the series until the end of the last episode, by which he (and all major characters except Pan and possibly Goku) has died of old age.

Kuririn is also killed by the cyborg twins in Future Trunks' alternate timeline, as well as Cell's version of that future. He has been killed 3 times (4 counting either Dragon Ball GT or one of the alternate timelines introduced via the Android/Cell Saga, 5 counting two of the three, 6 counting all three), more times than any other character. This is probably due to the fact that he is, among all other characters, the closest friend to Goku and his family, or characters in the situation where he died (he is Goku's best friend throughout all three series, he is also one of Gohan's best friends [the other being Piccolo] for the most part of DBZ, is married to 18, making it all the worse when 17 kills him, etc).

[edit] Dragon Ball GT
Kuririn in Dragon Ball GT.
Kuririn in Dragon Ball GT.

Kuririn appears briefly in Dragon Ball GT. He is seen with his wife Android 18 and daughter Marron several brief times through the series. Still true to his role in comic relief, these brief intermissions often see 18 and Marron ordering him around. He is killed in Super 17 saga by Android 17 (at the time brainwashed by Dr. Myū's Hell Fighter clone of him) but is later revived by the Dragon Balls. In his final appearance, Kuririn has an emotional final meeting with Goku, who is still a child, on Roshi's island home along with Muten-Rôshi himself. They reminisce over old times, and Kuririn and Goku have a friendly sparring match. Kuririn wins, to both his and Goku's joy.

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